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College Visit - Nagoya University

Nagoya University's Admission Coordinator for International Programs visited Seoul Scholars International on March 15th. She explained Nagoya's International Programs in English as well as fees, financial aid, and required documents when students are applying to Nagoya. She also highlighted undergraduate programs and explained how Nagoya University is highly focused on researching rather than studying out of textbooks. Furthermore, Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Kyoto, so students can easily travel and enjoy Japanese culture as well. One interesting fact about Nagoya's admissions process is that unlike most schools, professors directly select the students instead of admissions officers. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare well for Skype interviews with professors and demonstrate interest. Overall, Seoul Scholars International students enjoyed Nagoya's visit and are looking forward to upcoming visits from other universities.

[MIT 전 입학사정관] SSI 강남캠퍼스 방문!

MIT공대는 하버드대학과 함께 어깨를 나란히 하는 미국을 대표하는 유명한 해외명문대학 중 하나입니다. 코피 아난 전 UN 사무총장, 베냐민 네타냐후 이스라엘 총리, 경제계의 거물이었던 벤 버냉키, 노벨 경제학상 수상자인 폴 크루그먼 등 위인들도 MIT 출신입니다.
"명문대학입학 지원시, 학생들이 어떻게 돋보일 수 있는 방법에 대한 자세한 정보"를 MIT공대 전 입학사정관으로부터 직접 생생하게 들을 수 있는 행사에 참석해보세요! MIT입학에 대한 정보와 입학시, 꼭 필요한 사항과 피해야 할 것등 소중한 정보를 얻을 수 있는 기회입니다. 자녀들을 해외명문대학으로 보내길 희망하는 학부모님들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.
[MIT 전 입학사정관] SSI 강남캠퍼스 방문!
1. 일시 : 2019. 3. 22 (금) 오후 4시
2. 장소 : 대치동 982-5번지 서울스칼라스 1층 CAFETERIA
3. 예약 : ☎ 02-554-2510 (Rick 입학처장님)

College Visit - University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota, Indiana-Bloomington, Rutgers
Representatives from University of Minnesota, University of Indiana-Bloomington, and Rutgers visited Seoul Scholars International on March 11th. They went over how to balance school and social life as well as making schedules and decisions on their own. Additionally, all three reps have stated that extracurricular activities are important. However, they recommend staying in one or two clubs for all four years and becoming an officer rather than joining 5 clubs. Furthermore, they made the session fun for our students by taking surveys on
menti.com and talked about majors and schools famous celebrities graduated from. At the end of the session, the reps went over essay tips and topics to avoid. They told students to avoid writing about family members and sporting events, as too many students write about those topics. It is crucial to stay away from typical topics and they encouraged students to write something readers cannot know from simply reading the application.

Picture Day ♥

Seoul Scholars International students took yearbook photos on March 8. All staff members and faculty arrived at school early and set up the photo zone and adjusted the lightings. Each homeroom came up with different poses for their photos and took pictures with their homeroom teacher as well. During lunch time, all students had a pizza party in their homerooms instead of eating regular school lunch in order to celebrate Picture Day. In addition, 12th graders dressed up in Roaring Twenties outfits and took photos near Han River and at a studio after school. Senior students also took pictures in their cap and gown to celebrate their upcoming graduation ceremony.

[Seoul Scholars International] 2019 입학설명회

많이 기다리셨죠?
2019 서울스칼라스 입학설명회를 개최합니다.
평일 상담이 어려우셨던, 학부모님께서는 토요일 참석가능합니다.

[Seoul Scholars International] 2019 입학설명회
- 자녀를 위한 진학로드맵 설계 -
커리큘럼 소개, 2019 진학성과, 학년별 진학로드맵 비법공개!
2019. 3. 30 (토) 오전 11시 SSI 1층 대강당

예약/RSVP ☎ 02-554-2510

College Visit - University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia visited Seoul Scholars International on March 5th, 2019.
Their International Admissions Officer explained how high school students should prepare themselves if they want to attend UBC. She went over statistics of admitted students and test scores in order for our students to understand UBC's admission requirements. In addition, she explained different clubs on campus, skiing nearby UBC and traveling across Canada on weekends. Furthermore, she explained the process of working in Canada and getting internships after graduating from UBC.

Spirit Week

2/25 Tuesday~2/28 Thursday was Spirit Week at Seoul Scholars International. Students dressed up as a Celebrity on Tuesday, wore their Homeroom colors on Wednesday, and Thursday is Pajama day. In addition, students sold snacks during Spirit Week in order to fund raise for the local community. Students who dressed up were awarded with QR points and Homeroom with the most points will have a pizza party at the end of the year. Spirit Week was a great way to bring a school community together and it was an enjoyable week for students, teachers, and faculty members.

Upcoming College Visit!

1. March. 5th 1:50 PM
University of British Columbia (Canada)

2. March. 11th 8:30 AM
University of Minnesota, Indiana-Bloomington, Rutgers

3. March. 15th 10:00 AM
Nagoya University (Japan)

4. March. 22th 4:00 PM
Ingenius & MIT Former Admissions Officer

2019 Spring Assembly

Students gathered in the cafeteria for spring assembly on January 7th.
Headmaster Mr. Paul Battle handed out Highest Honor Roll awards to two students with highest GPA in each grade.
In addition, students with above 3.9 GPA will receive their awards during homeroom.
Music teacher Ms. Jennifer Suh’s homeroom class had the highest amount of QR points. The students will be awarded with a pizza party on Fri, Jan 11th during homeroom.

Winter Concert ♥

Students in choir and orchestra performed during our annual Christmas Winter Concert on December 7th at Seoul Scholars International cafeteria.
Students in choir sang classic Christmas songs such as “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town” by J. Fred Coots, “You Raise Me Up” by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland,
“Last Christmas” by George Michael. After the choir students performed, orchestra members sang “Make a Joyful Noise” (featuring "Joy to the World" / "Ode to Joy")
by Carrie Lane Gruselle and “A Holiday Celebration” (featuring “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”/ “O Come, All Ye Faithful”)
by Michael Story. Many students, teachers, and family members gathered together for a blissful Christmas Concert.

Seoul Scholars International - Sports Day!

Students will play volleyball and basketball against teachers today during Sports Day. Instead of regular lunch, our students enjoyed grilled hot dogs !

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Info Session.

International Affairs Officer and Assistant Professor from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited Seoul Scholars International and explained the admissions process, different majors, and job opportunities in Hong Kong. If students have any questions about the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, they are highly encouraged to email undergraduatestudy@PolyU

Art Center Info Session.

An admissions officer from Arts Center came to Seoul Scholars this morning and informed the students about different majors, getting scholarships and having passion for art. He also mentioned the importance of time management in college.

Darthmouth College Info Session.

Darthmouth College visited Seoul Scholars today and informed students about the admissions process, how to write compelling essays , and research opportunities. Director of Admissions also informed students on how to ask for recommendation letters and focusing on tests such as SAT,ACT, and TOEFL.

College Visit : Darthmouth College

- Date : October 4th (8:30AM)
- Venue : Seoul Scholars LAS Cafeteria
- RSVP ☎ 02-554-2510

U of Chicago & Johns Hopkins Info Session ♥

Kyle Kurfirst, Assistant Director of Admissions from The University of Chicago visited Seoul Scholars today and informed students about the admissions process, how to write compelling essays , and research opportunities.

3 European Universities Info Session ♥

Jacobs University(Germany) Boccini University(Italy) and Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (Switzerland) visited Seoul Scholars International today and talked about test scores, admissions process, and informed the students about internships as well as career opportunities.

NYU Info Session ♥

On September 11th, NYU visited Seoul Scholars for an Information Session.