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This is an information service about Gwangju for foreigners.

포스트 메뉴

The GIC in conjunction with a volunteer will now be providing free Counseling services on Sundays (by appointment only.) If you would like to talk to someone, please fill out the online application form as indicated in the poster.

*Application form:

*This counseling services is provided only for the international residents in Gwangju(본 상담서비스는 광주에 거주하는 외국인들을 위하여 제공됩니다).

The Gwangju Freecycle is back!

Expats come and go so often in Korea. While people can sell some belongings on the flea market page, some perfectly good, but small, items do not seem worth the time and effort to sell for a 1,000won. In the end, some of these items are tossed, piling onto the ever-growing garbage problem in Korea.

★Freecycle on March 14, 2020, from 3-5 p.m. at the GIC 1st Floor.
★Donation accepted from Tue. Jan. 28 ~ Fri. March 13.
Monday ~ Saturday 10:00 ~ 5:30 p.m. / Sunday 10:30~4:30 p.m.
★For volunteering inquiries, please contact the Gwangju Freecycle Facebook page.

Group counseling interest survey

The GIC in cooperation with a volunteer counselor aims to provide a Group counseling service in 2020. Counseling groups are an opportunity for 4-10 members to come together to learn new life skills and/or address concerns about such areas as relationships and making healthy decisions. In preparation for this service, we are conducting a survey to research and substantiate the mental health needs of the Gwangju Foreign community. This survey is anonymous. We ask for your cooperation in this project so we can make it a successful experience for everyone! Thank you for your time and participation.
Survey duration: Jan. 14th(Tue) ~ 27th(Mon)
Survey Link>>

[2 days left]Global Community Support 1st proposal

Now you can apply for the 1st project proposal submission period, please check more details from our homepage!!

Happy Chuseok!

The GIC will be closed for Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok. Ask Gwangju will take a short break and be back next week.

Any plan for September yet?

[Gwangju Tour with Global Friends]
- Date: Sat. Sep. 28th
- Wolbong Seowon and Yongjsan Mountain.
- Cultural experience: Trying Seonbi clothing and Making Hanji Notebook
- Lunch: Catfish Chowder
Check out more details and sign-up today:

2019 GIC Korean Class(September~October)

▷ Duration : September 3~ October 31 (7 weeks, 14 hours)
1) Tuesday Class : September 3 ~ October 22
 2) Wednesday Class : September 4 ~ October 23
3) Thursday Class : September 5 ~ October 31
4) Saturday Class : September 7 ~ October 26
▷ More details:

Homevisit in August

Homevisit in August

Feel@Home in Gwangju!
Experience a real Korean culture with a Korean family

Experience Living with a Korean Family! Looking for Participants for Homevisit Is it your first time to Gwangju? How about the experience being with a Gwangju family?

Since 2009, the Gwangju city government together with the Gwangju International Center (GIC) are running the Homestay Program, in which foreigners visit Korean families’ homes and experience Korean culture first-hand. In this program, we invite you to spend 5-6 hours with a Korean family and have an exciting culture exchange time! We invite you to join this program while taking part in the FINA World Championships and FINA World Masters Championships Gwangju 2019.

[Date and Time]
1 st Group: August 10 (Sat.), 2 p.m.-8 p.m. (application accepted by August 8)
2 nd Group: August 17 (Sat.), 2 p.m.-8 p.m. (application accepted by August 13)

[Eligibility] - Participants to the FINA Championships (30 spots available for each group)

[Program] Culture exchange and meal with Korean family [Participants Fee] 20,000 won/ US$20 - Paypal (ID: gic@
gic.or.kr) or direct payment to the GIC.
– Small gifts are provided for the participants [Application method] Application is confirmed after payment has been made
- Online: GIC homepage (
- Direct visit: GIC office - Once paid, participants may not cancel the program and fee cannot be refunded.

[Inquiry] Gwangju International Center, LIM Eunjung ej27@
Online Sign-up:

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Check out our booth in Nambu University !

Gwangju International Center booth is located at the "Local Exhibition Zone" at Nambu Univ. Municipal Aquatics Center.
Hours of operation: Tue. ~ Fri. 10:30~16:30

If you have any questions regarding traveling around Gwangju and interested in participating in the Gwangju Homestay program, we invite you to come to our booth!

남부대시립국제수영장 마켓스트리트에서 광주국제교류센터 홍보부스를 운영합니다.
광주 관광정보와 홈스테이가 궁금하다면 남부대 마켓스트리트와 GIC로 오세요!
운영시간: 화~금 10:30~16:30

#gwangju #gwangjuinternationalcenter #gic #booth #nambuuniversity #gwangjutour #gwangjufood #gwangjulife #welovegwangju #gwangjuhomestay #feelhome #Gwangju2019 #Gwangjuswimming #Worldswimming #2019광주 #광주 #광주수영대회 #Worldchampions #Gwnagjutourism #Mastersswimming2019
#Gwangjuweather #수영선수 #광주국제

The 25th Gwangju International Community Day

「Celebrating Together Day 2019」

The 25th Gwangju International Community Day

● Event: 「Celebrating Together Day 2019」 The 25th Gwangju International Community Day
● Date and Time: May 26 (Sun) 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
● Venue: Asia Culture Center (ACC) Plaza
● Host: Gwangju City, Gwangju Immigration Office
● Organizer: Gwangju International Center, Asia Culture Center·Asia Culture Institute
Check out more details:

Call for Volunteers

The 25th Gwangju International Community Day: Call for Volunteers
◆ Registration Period: by May 21 (Tuesday)
◆ Orientation: May 24 (Friday), 6 PM (Compulsory)
◆ Registration:

Gwangju International Students' Family Invitation

2019 광주 유학생 가족 초청 프로그램 참가자 모집

We would like to invite all International Students of Gwangju as well as your families into our home, Gwangju! How about we make some good memories for you and your family here in Gwangju City by way of tours around Gwangju and Jeolla province and experiencing both Korean culture and history?

■ Program Period: Thursday, June 27 - Monday, July 1
■ Registration Period: Monday, March 25 - Sunday, April 8
Based on the order of the submission, face to face interview will be scheduled.
■ How to Apply: download the application form (2019GISFIP_Application_Name) from our webpage and email the completed form to jeongmin@
gic.or.kr by April 8th
■ Number of Participants: 20 students (Each student can invite 1-2 family members.)
■ Participation Fee: Free for students, 100,000 KRW for each invited family member
■ More details:

[유학생 지원] 2019 광주 유학생 가족 초청 프로그램 참가자 모집 (~4/8까지)
내가 공부하며 살고 있는 제 2의 고향 '광주'로 가족을 초대해보세요!
광주에서 가족과 좋은 추억 만들고 싶은 외국인 유학생들의 많은 관심과 참여 바랍니다.
■ 행사기간: 2019년 6월 27일(목) ~ 7월 1일(월)
■ 신청기간: 2019년 3월 25일(월) ~ 4월 8일(월) 자정까지
* 지원서 제출 순서에 따라 개별 면담 진행
■ 신청방법: 첨부파일의 지원서 작성 후 이메일 접수 (jeongmin@
■ 선발인원: 20명 이내 (유학생 1인당 가족 1-2명 초청 가능)
■ 참가비: 1인당 참가비 10만원
■ 자세한 내용:

The 11th Gwangju Freecycle, today 3 p.m.

제 11회 광주프리사이클 오후 3시 @ 광주국제교류센터 1층 강당

GIC Location on google map:
광주국제교류센터 위치 카카오맵:

▶ Entrance Fee: only 1,000 won (Grab what you want and what you need.)
▶ Used book sales: 1,000 won / each only from 3 to 5 p.m.
▶ A special auction will start at the beginning of the event.
▶ Meet Gwangju etc and talk about Gwangju Spirit!
* Bring your own bag and tumblers :)

▶입장료: 1,000원 (필요한 만큼 가져가세요!)
▶ 영어 헌책 판매: 무조건 한권에 1,000원 ( 행사 시간동안만)
▶ 특별한 경매가 행사 시작 시간에 진행됩니다!
▶ 광주 머시기 거시기 인문학 모임의 '광주 정신'에 대해 얘기해봐요!
*장바구니와 텀블러를 가져오세요 :)

Upcoming events and gatherings in Gwangju

Spring is here!
There will be more gatherings and events happening in Gwangju starting from March.
Please check more details from the community story tab at
Language exchanges(Korean, Chinese, and Spanish), Gwangju Art Class, Sunday morning Yoga, and so much more.

다가오는 광주 글로벌 커뮤니티 소식을 확인해 보세요~!
봄을 맞아 3월부터 시작하는 다양한 커뮤니티 행사와 모임은
gic.or.kr ▶커뮤니티 소식에서 확인할 수 있습니다.
언어교환(영한, 중한, 스페인어), 광주아트클래스, 일요일 오전 요가 등 한국인과 외국인이 함께하는 다양한 활동에 참여해 보세요.

Gwangju Freecycle on Sat. March 16th

If you are planning to do some Spring cleaning or moving out, check out this awesome community Event, The 11th Gwangju Freecycle.

What is Gwangju freecycle?
Check out the August 2017 issue of Gwangju News if you are curious about this event:
Most likely this event takes place in March and September of each year and the drop off starts one month earlier.

Check out the facebook group Gwangju freecycle for free items or upcoming freecycle event:

For those who are interested in dropping off items, you can drop off items from now at the Gwangju International Center 2nd floor office, but you will be expected to sort your own items into bins when you arrive.
Let's make sure items dropped off are clean and useful.

No stained or ripped clothes and no undergarments please :)
Also, we do not accept open packages of food or items that are broken.
If it doesn't work, it belongs in the garbage.
Also, a 1,000 won entrance fee will be charged at the door.

Thanks a lot and let's work together to make this a pleasant and beneficial event for everyone.

National Health Insurance Service 국민건강보험

Did you know NHI provides information in different languages?

Call center: 033-811-2000 (1 English, 2 Chinese, 3 Veitnamese)






National Pension Service 국민연금

For those who are returning their home countries for good, you might be eligible for the lump-sum refund. Please check if your VISA status and the agreement between Korea and your home country before you visit the local NPS office.

✔ Foreigners and Lump-sum refund:
Center for International Affairs: 02-2176-8700

✔ Location of regional NPS office in Gwangju

If you are eligible for the Lump-sum refund, pls prepare the following before your visit to the local NPS office:
1. Alien Registration Card (ARC)
2. Passport
3. Plane ticket (your departure date within 1 month)
4. Bank account (under your name) info (the refund will be transferred to this bank account after your departure from Korea) with Bankbook copy or statement.
✔Korean bank account: overseas remittance
✔Non-Korean bank: account holder's name, account no. (ex. USA_Rounting Number, Canada_CC No.)

Feel free to ask us if you have any specific questions about the procedure. :)

영구귀국하는 외국인으로 한국과 자국의 사회보장협정에 의한 한국급여청구가 가능한 외국인의 경우 일시금 지급을 청구 가능합니다. 가까운 국민연금 사무실 방문 전 확인해 보시기 바랍니다.

✔외국인 일시급 지급 안내(영문)
외국어 상담 (주중 9시 ~ 18시, 점심시간 제외)
중국어 02-2176-8735
타이어: 02-2176-8730
우즈벡어(러시아어) 031-365-3086
몽고어: 02-2176-8794
인도네시아어: 02-2176-8734
필리핀어: 02-2176-8786

✔광주지역 국민연금 사무실 위치

일시금 청구를 위한 일반적 서류
1. 외국인등록증
2. 여권
3. 출국 1개월 내 비행기 티켓
4. 본인명의 계좌 (출국 이후 지급) 통장사본 혹은 통장내역서
✔국내계좌: 해외송금계좌
✔해외계좌: 예금주, 계좌번호 (미국: Routing Number, 캐나다: CC No.) 확인가능 서류

Driver's License in Korea 한국운전면허 취득

For those who are interested in taking Driver's License test this year, please check the official Road Traffic Authority(도로교통공단) webpage before your visit.

Jeonnam Road Traffic Authority Office
✔Tel: 1577-1120(Available only in Korean)
✔Address:49, Naeyeongsan 2-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do

Foreign Driver's License & International Driving Permit

If you are eligible to change your driver's license from your home country, prepare the following document and visit Naju RTA during their office hours:
1. Apostille
2. Your driver's license (with valid time left)
3. Your Passport (with valid time left)
4. 출입국사실증명서 (Certificate of the Facts Concerning the Entry & Exit, from birth year to the current dates) from the immigration office.
5. Your ARC
6. Passport photo(3.5X4.5cm) taken in recent 6 months
Fee: 21,000 won
If your document meets the requirement, you would go through an Aptitude test and written test only. In exchange for your driver's license from your home country, you will get your Korean driver's license.

List of Acknowledged Countries (AC)a written examination will not be necessary.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to message us through Ask Gwangju. :)

운전면허 취득 안내

한국에서의 운전면허 취득에 관심 있다면 도로교통관리공단의 공식 홈페이지를 방문해 보세요.

✔주소: 58263 전라남도 나주시 내영산2길 49 (삼영동)
✔고객지원센터 : 1577-1120

한국면허 인정국가의 면허증 교환 시 학과시험 면제
한국면허 인정국가:

자세한 정보가 필요하시다면 언제든 Ask Gwangju로 문의주세요 :)

Holiday Schedule

Happy New Year!
We will be closed for Seollal holiday as the following:
Sat. Feb. 2nd ~ Wed. Feb. 6th

We will be able to respond for emergency situation only.
Please put [Urgent] at the beginning of the message.
The rest of inquires will be replied after the holiday.

Enjoy our holiday ~ 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

'Ask Gwangju'

The Gwangju International Center now offers counseling service through Kakao Talk Plus Friend ’AskGwangju’.

Counseling Hours: Mon.~Sat 10:00~18:00. (Except lunch time 13:00~14:00)
Languages: Korean / English / Chinese