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(Urgent) Tomorrow 2/23 Service Changed to Online

Our worship service (2/23) tomorrow will be ONLINE! Again, we will not be having service at Covenant Hall, but our service will be completely online this Sunday! We will be streaming for our Joyful City Church YOUTUBE channel!

During these past couple of days the Corona19 Virus situation has heightened in general. In particular, there are reports that members of the 신천지 cult have been directed this weekend to attend other churches in order to spread the virus and offset focus on themselves as they’ve become the focal point of the recent spike of confirmed cases.

In an effort to not only put the safety and well-being of our members & children first, but also to help give everyone some peace of mind without the worry of exposure in a group setting this Sunday, we have decided to host our service this Sunday completely online.

As well, by doing our service online this Sunday, we are able to include members/families of our church who have recently been unable to come to services due to precaution.

We believe that despite all that is happening, God can meet us and speak to us wherever we are, and though we are not together physically, we are still together in one spirit as a church! Join us online with your family and friends this Sunday as we continue to seek first the kingdom of God with great expectation together!

You Are God's One Thing

You are God's one thing! God had everything, and yet having everything was not enough if He didn’t have you.

- Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

- 로마서 5:8 그러나 우리가 아직 죄인이었을 때에, 그리스도께서 우리를 위하여 죽으셨습니다. 이리하여 하나님께서는 우리들에 대한 자기의 사랑을 실증하셨습니다.

Psalm 27:4

What is your "one thing"?

PSALM 27:4 One thing have I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple.

시편 27:4 주님, 나에게 단 하나의 소원이 있습니다. 나는 오직 그 하나만 구하겠습니다. 그것은 한평생 주님의 집에 살면서 주님의 자비로우신 모습을 보는 것과, 성전에서 주님과 의논하면서 살아가는 것입니다.

Listen to the sermon:

Pray for Christchurch, New Zealand

뉴질랜드 크라이스트처치를 위하여 함께 기도 부탁드립니다.

I'm very sad and upset to hear of the terrible events that took place in New Zealand. To all of our friends in New Zealand, we grieve with you that such a thing could happen in your country. But, I have found New Zealand to be quite beautiful, not only in landscape, but in the spirit of its people, which is why I know NZ will shine and overcome even in such dark times.

As Christians, such times as these are our opportunity to shine the light of Christ and show love and compassion towards our neighbors regardless of what religion they are. Jesus came and died for ALL to know that He is our Savior and Lord. The Bible says that it is God's kindness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4). Therefore, it is right for us to do what we can to express and show the love of Christ in kindness in whatever form we are able.

With this in mind, I'd like to ask all of our Joyful City Church family to lift up in prayer the city of Christchurch and the great nation of New Zealand. Let us pray for healing and comfort. Let's pray for the Believers that are in New Zealand to be used by God mightily. As well, as a church, we have friends and former members of Joyful City in New Zealand. We thank God that they are safe and that these events didn't happen in their vicinity. But nonetheless, let us continue to pray for their safety and the safety of all their family and friends.

Thank you,
Pastor Jimmy Lee


Urgent Announcement

Hello everyone!

We have just been informed that due to unforeseen delays in renovation we will not be able to have service at the new location this Sunday, March 3rd. Instead, we will hosting an online service at 1pm!

I wanted to share with you in some more detail about how and why we made this decision. Late last night (Thursday night) I was found out that the worship hall that we would be using for our Sunday Service will not be completed. The main thing is that they cannot put in the flooring by this Sunday. The floor as it is now creates a lot of dust when you walk on it. As well, there has been a lot of painting happening yesterday and today.
After I got the news last night, I started to pray about what we should do.

I then visited the new location today and drove around searching for options and talking to different people about the situation. But, after I had visited last night I had a headache and felt dizzy from the fumes, and then today after visiting again, I had the same thing happen.

So after prayer, talking with other leaders who are involved, and feeling that the dust and fumes are still too strong and having been affected by it myself, I believe it is in the best interest of everyone that we do not hold service this week in the new location.

Instead, we will be hosting another online service through YouTube at 1pm this Sunday!
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Also, we could really use your help in getting the word out! So please let all your friends and family know about this change!

Thank you very much,
Pastor Jimmy Lee

Tomorrow Special Online Service

This is a friendly reminder that our special online service is tomorrow!

To join the service go to:
Or, in your YouTube app find our channel by searching for “Joyful City Church."

We will start the stream early around 1055am and the service will officially start at 1100am at our normal service time!

See you there tomorrow!

새해 인사

안녕하세요, 조이풀 시티 여러분! 새해복 많이 받으세요!

당신의 새해가 멋진 한 해가 될 수 있도록 저희가 기도하고 있는 것 아시죠? 하나님께서 당신을 위해 2019년에 멋진 일들을 준비해 두셨다고 믿어요. 어떠한 상황에서도 “~보다 하나님은 위대하십니다.” 하나님은 그 어떤 것보다 가장 위대하십니다. 그리고 당신 편이에요!

이제 2018년을 떠나보내고 2019년에 하나님이 해주실 더 대단한 일들을 받아들일 차례입니다! 사랑합니다. 주님께서 당신에게 가장 좋은 것을 주실 것입니다!

- PJ목사님 & 자두사모님

New Year Greetings

Hey Joyful City! Happy New Year!

We want you to know we are praying for your new year to be awesome! We believe God has greater things for you in 2019! No matter what, “God is greater than...” He is greater than anything and everything and He is on your side!

It’s time to let go of 2018 and let God do greater things in your life in 2019! We love you and we are believing for God’s best for you!

- Pastor Jimmy & Jadu35

크리스마스 워십 선데이를 위한 드레스 코드!

다가오는 저희의 특별한 ‘크리스마스 워십 선데이’에 간단한 드레스 코드가 있습니다! 드레스 코드는 빨강, 초록, 검정 그리고 흰색이고요, 이 색깔 중에서 어떤 색깔이든 골라 입으실 수 있습니다!

한가지 색이나 두가지 색, 또는 모든 색깔을 활용하셔서 자유롭게 입으셔도 됩니다! 캐주얼 하게 입으시거나 멋지게 차려 입으셔도 되니 여러분께서 원하시는 대로 드레스 코드의 색깔이 들어가게 입고 와 주세요! (PJ목사님께서는 아마도 올블랙으로 입고 오실거예요, 어떻게 생각하나요??)

크리스마스 워십 선데이는 12월 23일 주일입니다! 크리스마스 워십 선데이 엄청 기대됩니다! 너무 좋은 시간이 될것 같아요! 여러분 그날 봬요!

Dress Code for Christmas Worship Sunday!

For our upcoming special “Christmas Worship Sunday’ we are going to have a simple dress code! The dress code will be to wear any of these colors: Red, Green, Black and White!

You can wear any combination of these colors! All one color, two colors, all four colors! Doesn’t matter! And you can dress casual or dress-up. Up to you! Just come dressed in these colors! (Our guess is that PJ will come all in black, what do you think?)

Our Christmas Worship Sunday is going to be on Sunday, Dec 23rd and there will be a Christmas Potluck Party afterwards! It’s gonna be awesome! See you there!

The Truth About Waiting on God

When we feel stuck waiting for something, there are many lies that can bombard us and shake us. Lies like: there’s something wrong with you, you’ve done something wrong, you are not doing enough, you are not enough, God has rejected you, God is ignoring you, God doesn’t love you, etc.

But if you believe in Jesus and find yourself waiting on God, there are greater truths to waiting that can set you free! The truth is that: the real reason you are waiting is...all because of Jesus. You are waiting because Jesus loves you, has chosen you, and has died and risen again for you. Ephesians says that we have been born again through faith in Christ to do “good works” that God has prepared in advanced for us. “Good works” means great destinies, plans, and blessings God has for you to walk and live in. It’s already ready!

So why the wait? The wait is for you. God is not keeping things from you, but keeping things for you. Everything you are going through is to prepare you for what you’ve been praying for! God uses the process of waiting to change you and get you ready to use the blessing and not be used by the blessing, to own the blessing and not be owned by the blessing, to master the blessing and not be mastered by it.

All because Jesus wants to be your first and only. He is jealous for your heart. God knows you can only ever find true, everlasting purpose and satisfaction in Him - because that’s how He made you - and so He to takes you through the process of waiting for what you want, to bring you to what you really need. He uses the process of waiting to awaken the deepest, truest desire of your soul, and that is Jesus! Not only does God give the blessing in the end, but we get the greatest blessing in the process, GOD HIMSELF.

Happy Chuseok!

Hey Joyful City! We enlisted the help of some "friends" to send you a Happy Chuseok! ("Friends", get it? Like, Kakao "Friends"? haha)

May your Chuseok be filled with all joy and gladness as you spend time with family, friends, or even just getting some alone time! We hope you know how much Jesus loves you and that His Presence is with you ALWAYS! May you be greatly blessed more and more as God moves you forward to the next level!

Believing God's best for you always,
Pastor Jimmy & Jadu35

(Soul Food) You Are God's Temple!

This is a reminder that God loves you and He is with you ALWAYS! We were made for God’s presence! When we put our faith and life in Jesus, we are born again as “God’s temple”, meaning, His Spirit aka His presence, dwells in us! God desires for us to enjoy His presence everyday, every hour, every moment!

God wants to set you free from all the things that hinder you from enjoying His presence: sin, fear, doubt, wrong understandings about His presence, etc. His grace is enough as it covers over all our sins and weaknesses with the righteousness of Jesus to qualify us to be worthy of God’s never-ending, never-changing, life-giving, completely-loving, not-ever-going-anywhere-for-any-reason Presence!

Remember that God’s presence with you is not based on the size of your faith and faithfulness to Him, but the size of His grace and faithfulness towards you! God is and always will be with you the same yesterday, today and forever! Amen!

New Feature: Soul Food

We’re really excited to release a new feature on our website and it’s called “Soul Food”! Soul Food is a collection of digital cards that we’ve made that contain verses and thoughts to feed your soul.

Each card comes with a “micro blog” entry - that opens when you click on the card - and they are full of inspirational teaching to equip and empower you. Often times there are more verses and other links included in these micro-blogs to help you go deeper into God’s Word.

Soul Food Cards are great for:

- Doing quiet times

- Praying and declaring God’s Word and promises over your life and those you are praying for.

- Finding great quotes from our Sunday Messages

- To go deeper into God’s Word

Many of the cards also contain values of our church to help you learn more about our vision, mission and culture and to empower you to be part of what God is doing in and through our church!

Go to the Soul Food page now:

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(Article) Every Christian Is A Worshipper

No matter what you’re going through. No matter what condition you’re in right now. All because of what Jesus has done through the cross, through faith in Him, you are God’s beloved worshipper! We don’t worship Jesus because of what we can do for Him, but because of all He has done, all He is doing, and all that He will do in and through us!